Warm and cozy in her cuddly bubble, she dreams quietly cradled by the figments of night, she trusts the comfort of the quilt. She awakes to self-discovery. The senses, the body, the surrounding space. Who am I? Enters the other. Something is felt. The Other: object of curiosity, as well as fear. An awkward doubt: Attempting to escape is too scary…Waiting it out? Too stifling! Outside, the Other beckons. What does it want? Little by little, she finds her courage. Gingerly stepping out, she tests the waters. And there She goes, at full sail to discover the world. Edredon is a play intended for children aged 12 months and up, enacted by two performers. It is a bedtime reflection on various themes such as intimacy, dreams, as well as relationships to others and unknown spaces. Édredon is the first creative work by the Incomplètes; a short play performed in close proximity to the audience and filled with sensations, embodied poetry, shadows, video imagery and musical light.