In JEKYLL ON ICE, the round, funny, lovable figure, Jekyll, is an ice cream salesman - with his very own way of doing business. Certainly the show doesn´t get less funny, as Jekyll doesn´t fully understand how the world is linked together. It may well be that the ice melts, ballons explode but still - party, surprises and laughter, are guaranteed! With him has Paolo Nani a fully equipped ice cream cart with giant speakers, smoke machine and a real freezer. The cart also includes an air pump that can shoot 2.000 liters of air per minute. During the performance, a dramatic escalation takes place - dispalying one more absurd and poetic scene after another - including larger and larger balloons. Jekyll On Ice is entertaining and inviting, with a playful, crazy and musical journey culminating in a festive rockband with the audience - and an ice cream party involving everybody.